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15 Jan, 2023 Admin
How to Identify Scam sites ?

Thousands of Scam sites exist in "Earn Money" niche, and they do because of people's greed for money, thus they join such "Quick Rich Schemes"
Mining Sites, MLM sites , and other Crypto games sites are prime examples of Scam sites.

These sites offer initially some profit , and lure users to invest more and one fine morning the site is dead .
They give handsome commission for referrals , and they promote just for money , thus losing the investment of the innocent public.

How do Differ?
Well, we provide Social Media Services, for which Advertisers pay, and we pay out a portion to the users.
Also our Giveaway's are unique in nature. We payout almost 80% of our earnings and 20% is kept for development, hosting, marketing etc.
Since we close Giveaway's only after all tickets are sold, there is nothing to lose for us.
Also we do not tamper in any way with the results, since our profit itself is enough for us.
Hence to maintain 100% transparency, we provide usernames who win last 5 Draw's in Home page itself plus we 
maintain a Telegram Group, where you can publicly chat about your winnings.
To test our platform we also give small money on signup, for which you can test and withdraw real money, without investment.
Also Referral commission of 5% lifetime is given for each deposit.

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