is both for Advertisers and those who wish to earn from their comfort of your home. Multiple ways to Earn Money.

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You can participate in Different types of Giveways, and get Real money if you are the lucky winner. We give out almost 85% back to winners. 
Draws are done as soon as all tickets are sold, and new one starts within a minute. You can also subscribe to a Giveaway and your Wallet will be credited automatically.
you can withdraw your winnings and Earnings ( less 5%) 

To find that out, you yourself can join a low cost giveaway and once you find yourself as the winner all your doubts will be cleared.
We get 10% of all Draws, and we are content with it. We want you to win, also we allow Publich Chat in our Telgram Group ( not Channel) , so you can se who the real winners are, and
you can post your winnings there. Official Chat  for all members is
Currently we have Paypal & Payeer . Will be adding more in due course.

Withdrawals are manually checked and may take upto 24 hours... usually within 6-8 hours.

You can also raise a ticket inside your Dashboard, if this time surpasses.

We give out 5% of each deposit lifetime from your Referral. So grab your referral link inside your Member dashboard and start posting in Social Media, and Youtube.
This is not a fly by night  site and we are here to stay